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Facebook staff discussed cashing in on user data, reports say

Опубликовано : 12-01-2019, 05:53 | Категория: News   

Facebook employees talked about charging companies to access user data prior to addressing such a policy.

Last year, US software developer Six4Three found internal discussions with a court case released by a court of Facebook courtroom. According to Ars Tikskics, according to the Wall Street Journal, a page with 18 pages states that three pages are "sensitive discussions about internal strategic analysis of Facebook for third-party applications".

However, the vulnerable topic was hidden by black tiger, but found that the basic text was not transmitted to digital.

This text demonstrates how Facebook and staff have been discussing how to access user data to spend more advertising on larger advertisers than emails from 2012 and 2013. Facebook's third-party developers decide how to change The Cambridge Antithecy partner has access to user data that affects the hole by providing personal information from millions of Facebook users.

According to data from the Wall Street Journal, one employee offered to block access, which offers access to all apps that spend at least $ 250k a year for access to data. "

Other places are suggesting lengthening of Facebook. Tender is the term "Mass" in the sense that it may continue to use old and more permitted access to exchange trademarks in the future.

No comments have been made about Facebook. Restrictions on what the company can do to make it public for privacy and security.

The claim was sealed on a social network and then in California Court six to three years from the discovery of the court from Facebook. On Sunday, the British parliament received a copy of the top executives of the six weeks' executive mail and rejected the CEO's Facebook on Tuesday.

During criticism, Labor Clive Streets asked "whether the advertisement has stopped paying the app for a large amount of money for mobile advertising or whether the apps are" on the list "based on advertisement spending - Facebook's European Policy Chairman Richard Allan Which is said no.

According to Facebook's professor Konstantin Pappamilidis developers' platform and programs, Guardian said: "We've been talking about it many times, so only part of the document has gone very unreliable without the exception of documents gathered on this baseline." Facebook denied the Guardian's request for an email in its additional terms and said, "The evidence was sealed in California Court, so we would not deny false accusations."

In Pamingue: "We have changed our platform to 2015 to stop sharing our friends with our developers, and any short-term expansion during this transition platform has prevented us from violating our experience.

"Of course, Facebook never sold someone else's data, our API is free, and we never require developers to pay for advertising or buying ads."

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