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On a wing and a player: hopes webcam can save endangered albatross

Опубликовано : 12-01-2019, 05:55 | Категория: News   
On a wing and a player: hopes webcam can save endangered albatross

Millions of investigators with worldwide ambassadors are vulnerable to natural disasters. New Zealand rulers use YouTube to save YouTube's mysterious giant bird.

The New Zealand conservation team lives in Taigaa in the Oahu Peninsula in 2016 for 24 hours. The fodder is spread across the globe, with a total population of over 2.3 million people from 190 million countries in the world on the northern bank of the bottom of the world. "Jim Watts, a protector of DoC, says:" Everywhere around the world watch for 24 hours a day.

"People look at hospitals and nurseries, and they have close relationships with those who grow chicks, and people invest in love and investment."

In northern Maori, the albatross of the Maori is spread in New Zealand and is due to climate change, itching and heat stress. Birds are described as "the animals involved in the pre-conflict" to protect the plastic. Because most of them eat feed on oceans, they often lose light for plastic.
The total population of the northern kings albatross is 17,000 and has doubled since 1990 with the rapid participation of the Taiga population since 1990. However, protected colonies occupy only 1% of the total population and their small New Zealand home is the only "regulatory" source of rare and endangered bird species in the world's "most important" rare and endangered birds. 99% of Lake Tora lives on the isolated sub-aquarium on Chatham Island. In the near future, the research paradise airport is not planned but can not accurately count and manage.

According to Watts, the 24/7 camcorders provide valuable insights into the lives of avoided birds and have the potential to deliver more vulnerable and chickens to adults.

In the evening, the bird was taken to the cell and caught a bird, which killed a young man who was not aware of the ranger, and was killed by the first flying ducklings and the cats protected by the North Sea.

In the early 2018, the mother albatross attacked the chickens, during an extraordinary and terrible event. The deaths were all over the world, and the audience was called the Department of the Danedins, and asked the rangers to intervene. The ranger responded immediately if similar events had occurred if rangers were unable to meet their obligations and did not receive assistance. By 2019, there is hope for the good news of colonies. This year, more than 50 eggs have been recorded in historical breeding season, and the ranger is preparing for an "intense" after the egg strike in January.

After taking a picture of animals, rangers can focus on their parents' behavior, their chicks, and their families. Then the public voted on the name of the deacon.

Royalapi Discussion Group, including 100+ impressions, includes a live stream before the beginning of the morning from Napier Primary School.

"Every day the baby sees an albatross," the teacher said.

"We just love it."

The watts have invested investors' investments and protection payments, which are funded for the upcoming rainy season to keep birds and chickens cool and healthy.

'We will always be with birds on our way home,' Watts said.

Like millions of viewers, Wats said during the nursery season, "you never turn off the clock and never leave it."

From 2019 to ...
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