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Mother and two boys suffocate in Nepal's latest 'period hut' tragedy

Опубликовано : 12-01-2019, 05:58 | Категория: News   
Mother and two boys suffocate in Nepal's latest 'period hut' tragedy

One woman and her two sons sleep in a windowless shed and are sleeping in a "Women in Nepal" stage due to the recent chaupadi-related ill-treatment associated with illegal activities.

Amba Bohara, 35, was married to her father-in-law, Ramantha, 9, and Sasukh, age 12, for four days.

He was restricted to the illegal actuation of auapada. She perceives that sexually abusive work every month leads to a small shed or animal fence.

Uddhav Singh: Deputy Director of the Bakj district police station in western Nepal poured a flame of fire in the frozen clay house, but fire in the family was burned with fire.

"The doctors ended the post-exploitation, but we did not receive the results," he said.

Champaadi was charged in 2005 and charged with fines of 3,000 rupees (21 pounds) and jail terms of 3 months. However, it still remains deeply absorbed in some communities, especially in the poorer regions of the West.

The traditions associated with Hinduism are what women eat, where they sleep, and interact throughout the month-long cycle. Many people follow the rules of the rules that are not subject to suffering or death.
UN has reported diarrhea, pneumonia, respiratory diseases, as well as genocide and sexual assaults. Also, after birth, mothers and infants are born, and are accused of infant and maternal mortality.

Another woman died in January 2018 and died in the previous year's teenage snake bite. "Although NGOs support blind beliefs and educate the people, many women are not traditionally losing their traditions as a result of their religious traditions and traditions," said Jawda Bahadur Rajal, manager of the Bajura district advocacy group. He said that local governments should take measures against those who respect their customs. "Although the number of women practicing this tradition has been declining, there are still many women, regardless of violence, but the law itself is ineffective."

Agni Shaha, president of the Bajura NGO Association, said that education programs were in place, but women were struggling with the dangers of suffering.

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