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Afghanistan bucks global trend with sharp rise in civilian casualties

Опубликовано : 12-01-2019, 06:01 | Категория: News   
Afghanistan bucks global trend with sharp rise in civilian casualties

Afghan death and injuries have risen by more than three per cent last year.

In 2018, a total of 4,260 civilians who have been killed in a blast or injured in an explosion of 3,119 casualties in 2018, have reported reports of AOAVs.

However, worldwide scenarios were different. By 2018, 22,335 civilian deaths and accidents died last year, compared to 31904 last year, one third of the population died. The population density in the world has dropped by 26%.

62% of all suicide attacks have been reported in Afghanistan, with 78% of all civilians reported in Afghanistan. The number of civilians killed by an explosion in Isis of Afghanistan increased by 90 percent over the previous year. The number of deaths in aircraft accidents was 238 in 2017, compared with last year's 463. The number of US servicemen is increasing, indicating that the United States has made a massive increase in military support.

Last year's UN report killed and killed the soldiers in Afghanistan, "in extreme measure." In October, the UN assistance program in Afghanistan represented the "serious concern" of the intentional and severely attacked attacks by civilian government elements against governments.
"There are so many positive news around the globe, but more and more civilians are killed more than ever," said AOVA executive director Ow Overton.

"In the eight-year-old explosive weapon, 90 percent died.

The ICC was responsible for 42% of the total number of explosions, while 32% of air strikes were reduced. 15% of seismic weapons and 9% of all explosive weapons were attacked.

"We are looking at the growth of Afghanistan, Yemen, India and Libya against the collapse of civilians worldwide." The number of Afghan civilian deaths in 2018 is shown. "

Ethiopia, Gaza Strip, Iran, Philippines and Malaysia have increased.

Over the decline in civilian health damage caused by Iraq and Syrian Isis short-term losses, Overton said Nigeria's Boko Haram fell.

UN Security Council official Liam McDowall told UN Security Council Security Council. According to recent UN data, 8,050 civilians have been killed and wounded from January to September until 2018. The use of suicide bombs and other IEDs is almost half of the elements against the government. The United Nations has expressed its concern for the direct targeting of civilians, including ethnic and religious minorities.

McDowall, who stated that Adam could not report on Audrey, has released a "death record" in civilian life in Afghanistan in the last four years in 2018. Prior to 2014, most of the accidents were the result of a land-based relationship with Afghan soldiers and rebels.

"The United Nations is concerned about the use of caution to common citizens and to use it for treatment in order to prevent suicide," McDowall said. "IEDs is the biggest cause of death due to a massive scale of violence and violence over the past year."

The number of deaths and injuries in Yemen last year increased by 8% from 1670 to 1,807. India rose 21 percent from 267 to 232, while in Libya was up 140 percent, to 163 in 2017 and to 392 in 2018. In Syria, the number of civilians declined from 8767 to 5,061. "Syria was the worst in the world last year, and in the fourth quarter of 2018. In March 2018, Syria and Russian troops killed civilians as a result of an explosion of violence in the east of the Gobu.

Last year, Syrian civilian casualties dropped drastically, but the US-led coalition airstrike, which died late in 2018, was "65% of the Syrian victims in three months.

In other countries, 48% of civilians, Pakistan (48%), and Iraq (77%) have fallen in countries where Somalia has been subject to civil security.

The AOAV report is based on data from Airwars, Armed Conflict Location and Event Data project, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, and reliable media sources.

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