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Saudi woman fleeing family flies to Canada after gaining asylum

Опубликовано : 12-01-2019, 06:06 | Категория: News   
Saudi woman fleeing family flies to Canada after gaining asylum

The 18-year-old Saudi woman was forced to leave Thailand in Canada for forced evictions.

Rapid developments have occurred in the weeks leading up to Ra'Eth Mohammed Al-Mun'a. Traveling to Kuwait, fleeing with his family fleeing Bangkok, refusing to deport family members, expanding the asylum social media campaign and attracting the world's attention.

His case has been dedicated to the protection of women's rights in Saudi Arabia. In recent years, several women and their families have fled from violence to try and seek asylum. Human rights activists do not think that similar cases have been registered. Qunun is scheduled to fly through the city of Seoul, according to Surachate Hakparn, Director of the Thai Immigration Police Department.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has confirmed his country's aspiration for asylum. Canada is fighting for human rights and recognizing the importance of fighting for women's rights at the global level, so we are pleased to do it. "" We can prove that we have accepted the United Nations's request. " Trudeau said.

A number of other countries, including Australia, have been interviewed by the United Nations Refugee Agency to receive Qunun. "He chose Canada - it's his personal decision," he says.

This decision had no previous relationship with Saudi Arabia and last year the Canadian ambassador to Riyadh was detained, while Ottawa criticized Saudi authorities for allegedly activating women.

Giving thanks to everyone for helping Clay, the first thing to do in Canada is to learn the language. He speaks Arabic more than English.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees commended Canada's decision. "The Thai government has provided temporary shelters last week, assisting the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the Canadian Government to organize emergency evacuation, and organizing a trip was crucial to the successful resolution of this case. , "The agency said.

The Deputy Director of the Human Rights Watch, Phil Robertson described the "courage and consistency" of Qunun, which emphasizes the independence of young women, respects and supports women's interests, and governments are not in the dark but in the dark. "

Qunun refused to go to the police immigration office on January 5 at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The passport was confiscated. After his stay in the airport room, his social media campaign had received public and diplomatic support to urge Thai officials to temporarily recognize the UN staff.

Qunun's father arrived in Bangkok on Tuesday. But her daughter refused to see her. A father who was relinquishing his name refused to fall victim to Qunun or attempted to marry her was said to be one of the reasons why his father had intended to fly.

According to Surachat, Qunun's father wanted to retrieve his daughter, but her decision was respected. "She has 10 children, she said sometimes that she was ignored.

Canadian officials refused to comment until they landed safely in Canada.

The situation in Qunun is closely monitored by the western allies in connection with the murder of journalist Jamal Hashoggi because of the humanitarian war of Yemen in the Yemeni Royal Consulate and Yemen.

Qunun wanted to look for refuge in Australia.

Australian Foreign Minister Maris Peyne met Bangkok's top officials in Bangkok and then assessed the Australian Cuneo resettlement request.

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