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Nicaragua closer to new civil war than ever before, judge warns

Опубликовано : 12-01-2019, 06:06 | Категория: News   
Nicaragua closer to new civil war than ever before, judge warns

Nicaragua has come to a "chaotic economy" and a Supreme Court judge warned that a recent civil war and President Daniel Ortega resigned.

This week, Rafael Sini Ortega, who sent three pages of the revolutionary role, accused her of accusing Central America of being transformed into a "terrorist state."

Judge - 73-year-old Sandinist longtime companions - peaceful protesters have been deployed armed military armed forces to disperse "bloodshed, fire fighting" and disperse fears. Last month, armed police arrested a media room in the media of Nicaraguan, a "war" - a journalist who was recently chosen to be deported from prison or prison.

Nicaragua became a dictatorship of the two kings with a great rule of government. Because he was Ortega and his first female and vice president Rosario Murillo.

On the other hand, refusing to reach the crisis by negotiating with opposition parties, "I do not want to do a civil war in Nicaragua, but this is the way you are going."

The accusation of the death of members of the Seri Ortega parliamentary group is that "opposition groups will accept logic of their own willingness to arm themselves, and the country will fall for 40 years," Solia notes.

"God will be willing to come up with miracles," he says. "God saves Nicaragua."

Nicaragua activists and members of the Ortega district constituency have become a big hit in governance. The series was the oldest man in Sardinia and Ortega, who was the best man in Murillo at the 2005 wedding of Ortega.

Amnesty International's American head, Erika Guevara-Rosas, said: "All the weapons against the people are increasingly isolated.

Ortega accuses Nicaragua of "hostile farms" by foreigners who support foreigners. But his former loyalty in his letter states: "There was no such division, no external aggression, just a violent force."

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