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Trevor Noah: when Trump needs a win, 'a big, scary caravan' appears

Опубликовано : 12-01-2019, 06:09 | Категория: News   
Trevor Noah: when Trump needs a win, 'a big, scary caravan' appears

Nightly couples translated Donald Trump's words, tires, and walls on the southern border.

Trevor Noah
On Thursday, the government's 20th day of the day, the US government has said that the rented-lease property for Lincoln's property should be leased. However, over 800,000 federal workers remain unpaid, but The Daily Show is described in the PA on the free checks. The president had a deep understanding of the tires and walls of Texas. "The wheel is older than you, do you know it?" Trump told the media on the southern border. "There's some work here, is it you? Bicycling, wall work."

Noah did not miss the blow. "You seem to have started football after a fight, and the coach said:" Uh, we need to go to the dressing room, your brain is not okay. "

He continued: "The wall is much bigger than the tire, 6 thousand years from the wheels, so I know people should know that Neanderthals should stop Trump as a Neanderthal.

Noah's "Trump" offers a way to overcome the barriers that can lead to a government's longest delay on Saturday.

"Wow, another way," Noah notes. "Trump's got to be something to win, and our fears always come to kill us all."

Steven Krapert
Later in the show, Stephen Kraper was a translator at the southern border on Trump's journey into the southern border, translating bureau inspectors into "mouth-to-mouth words."
Considering the approval of Trump Congress, it was proposed to declare wall funding for $ 5.7 billion to national security jury. In other words: "I'm probably, of course, maybe not."
That's an urgent situation, "Colol said. "They do not know whether they are urgent or not." Trump's answer: "Hi, 911? Can you send me a fire immediately?" My house might burn in the fire Maybe maybe we'll see it, but if you're sending a truck, take a pizza, "Colbert said. The Trump at the border point called on its lawyers to demand national security for their political struggle. "Mr. President, I do not know if you want to know if you want to be illegitimate." One of them is unlikely to come in the next three years. "

Trump has called this year's curiosity to be the culprit of Congressmen.

Colbert's translation is a bit more detailed. "These guys are crazy," he said. "They take their cheeks, they take their spinning saucers, dancing, they should be illegal, and they're all crazy, if you want me to forgive, you have to put an oil on your face and shout out those who are living in my lakes."

Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers yesterday announced the government's stand. "In fact, Trump hopes to bring millions of people into unnecessary pain and suffering and hope to blaze the Democratic Party first," Meyers said. "The reporters asked if he could make a choice between the food and the medicines right now."
Meyers Trump told reporters to find ways to work with paid workers who did not report to journalists - that is, "Most of the people who do not pay and most of them are 100% of what I'm doing," Trump said.

"It's hard to imagine a person on the kitchen table to choose between food and insulin." It is difficult to pick up the tram on the wall and to park in the park. "It is a waste of people gathering in a closed national park.

Trump accepts the border port Thursday and Meyers: "All that he has is that he's frustrated and that peculiarity is unique.

Do not hold another president on mischief.

"This is of course a lie, and every living president denies it," Meyers said. "But this is a very strange thing for me, why did not he choose a dead president? It was easier than escape."

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